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Relational story work for a resilient world

We’re living with a climate emergency. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

Yet most days, nobody acts like it’s an emergency. The world is on fire but it’s ‘business as usual’. Most days, you probably have to carry on like everything is fine. Maybe you don’t know what else you can do.

At Vesper Hill, we’re trying to make space to pretend a bit less. We create interactive workshops and professional theatre performances that are designed to help audiences reflect on future uncertainty, and on the urgency of adaptation—but without giving in to doom and despair. What kinds of constructive action could we take together, in our local communities and places of work, to help make the future more liveable?

Vesper Hill partners with progressive businesses and community organisations to identify stories and experiences specific to your situation. By encouraging a relaxed, playful dynamic among those we collaborate with, we try to instill a sense of openness and possibility. Resilience requires imagination.

Available Performances

These storytelling pieces are currently available, on request, for one-off performance in theatres, community spaces or office settings. We also offer follow-up workshops that can help unpack the broader issues raised by each piece. 

Who Ya Gonna Call?

(in event of emergency)
This warm, welcoming, one-man show uses buckets, sand, and a dash of black humour to explore our current state of preparedness for a changing climate. Since we all need to act together, your participation might be required…

The Boxer’s Guide to Climate Resilience

The unlikely story of Jo, who lives in a threatened coastal resort called Madeuptown. Desperate for help with the rising tide, she turns to that legendary climate warrior, King Cnut. And he teaches her how to box.

Too Much of Water

A Yorkshire Tragedy
It could be any town, really. But this is the true story of how residents of Shipley, West Yorkshire, were affected by unprecedented river flooding at Christmas, 2015. What does it feel like to lose your home to a storm?

Ways to work with us

We offer a range of packages, all tailored to the needs of your business, organisation, or community group. We can come and deliver a show and/or workshop and be with you for a few hours, or develop longer term, more bespoke engagement initiatives for internal or external audiences.

In the case of longer projects, we use a combined process of interviews, group workshops and documentary research. We then shape a response to your brief, based on what we have learned. 

The form of our response is up to you. You might just want a conventional, written report. But you can also commission us to make a performance, or a film, or some other appropriate story-form. These can be shared with your colleagues, clients, funders, etc., so as to encourage active engagement and further reflection.

As a social enterprise, we seek to make our services available to a range of users. We can also offer off the shelf workshop materials that you can use to creatively facilitate conversations around climate adaptation, in most cases free of charge. Please get in touch if those would be of use.