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Vesper Hill was founded as a social enterprise in 2022, by Steve and Angel Scott-Bottoms. Our practice builds directly on Steve’s extensive work, over the previous decade, as a researcher and theatre-maker on projects including Multi-Story Water and the UK Climate Resilience programme

It became clear, through this work, how valuable a tool storytelling can be—particularly within the environmental and organisational contexts Steve was exploring. With Angel’s business background, she suggested that this learning could and should be made available to others in practical ways. Angel was also intrigued by the therapeutic benefits of attuned listening and shared narratives. 

Steve is an artist and an academic. Angel is a therapist and a business coach. Vesper Hill was thus conceived as a meeting place for our complementary passions and expertise. We also work with trusted artists and other collaborators to develop each new project. 

Why the name Vesper Hill? Well…

Once upon a time there was a hill called Vesper Hill.

Like, literally, a hill.

It was part of a summer camp, far far away, in a land called Ohio. That’s the state where Angel grew up. Steve grew up in Yorkshire, but in 1992, he came visiting with Camp America. Back then we were both very young, and we’d never heard of the internet. So after that summer, it was hard to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Fast forward a quarter of a century. After a lot of other living, we got married in 2017. And then Angel moved to England, and we all lived happily ever after.

For us, Vesper Hill has a special place in our memories. It was a place for quiet meditation, among the trees and the grass and the sky. But it was also a place for laughing and singing and telling tales around a campfire. That’s the spirit we’re trying to capture with our new, virtual Vesper Hill. We hope you will join us.

Steve Scott-Bottoms

Storyteller-in-Chief. Steve has three decades of experience as a theatre-maker, workshop facilitator, and researcher. Having previously taught in Glasgow and Leeds, he is currently Professor of Contemporary Theatre and Performance at the University of Manchester, UK.  Steve is the author of several books and numerous scholarly articles, often working in the gaps between disciplines. For the last decade, he has been exploring water and climate issues through performances built from direct engagement with communities and professional stakeholders. Steve is an Associate of the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission.

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Angel Scott-Bottoms

Managing Partner. Alongside her work at Vesper Hill, Angel provides ecocentric counselling and psychotherapy services in her private practice in south Manchester. She is also an experienced business coach and trainer who has owned and managed companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Simon Brewis

Creative Associate. Simon is a theatre director and dramaturg who specialises in developing storytelling shows for grownups, using larger-than-life conventions. He has made performances for theatres, boats, tabletops, and more, and has worked with Steve for more than a decade on projects connecting social and environmental concerns. Simon also has extensive experience working with young people and community groups. He is currently completing an MA in Social and Cultural Theory at the University of Leeds.