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Communicating the urgency of climate adaptation in impactful ways

At Vesper Hill, we share your desire to respond positively and inclusively to the resilience challenges we all face. And we understand the frustration that can arise when it feels like no one cares or ‘gets it’- business as usual isn’t good enough anymore. 

We use interactive theatre and other storytelling methods to win hearts and minds and help the penny drop. We can come into your business, organisation or community group for a few hours to perform and unpack a preexisting piece from our library, or we can partner with you to make something exciting and new for your specific purposes or audience. 

Stakeholder Engagement: When faced with uncertain risk, we all have three choices: denial, apathy, or transformation. We help socially responsible business who know the time for transformation is now. Acting as independent brokers, we’ll come into your organisation and facilitate dialogue that’s generative and supportive to fully understand your business frameworks. Then we’ll help you avoid the frustration and waste of money that can come from developing programmes that are not fully embedded or utilised. We’ll use professional arts methods to engage your employees and play back what is important to your unique resilience and adaptation plans. 

Public Commissions: We’re on a mission to stop death by Powerpoint. We also want to reduce the proliferation of tick box public engagement efforts. So we partner with resilience leaders and climate experts to help communicate their technical or complex ideas using art methods and interactive theatre. We start with interviews to really understand your content, and then create a professional high quality performance to showcase your expertise. The end result will be something you can be proud to offer your community. We can perform the offering live and/or create something that can be recorded and used over and over again. 

"We found working with Steve and Angel hugely inspiring. Our team members who met with them to explore the meaning of resilience found it stimulating and personally worthwhile. The outcomes from this research stage of the project helped us understand where, as a business, to focus on capacity building and for Steve the research was the jumping off point to create a unique new performance piece. We are really pleased with both the creative process and the final production."

Steve Maslen CMLI

Head of Sustainability & Environment, JBA

There is a better way. Start impactful climate conversations that win hearts and minds.

For more information about current offerings we could bring to your group for as little as £500 + VAT, please see the  Performance page. Or get in touch using the form below if you’d like to discuss bespoke packages for internal or external stakeholder engagement. 

We’d love to partner with you to tell a better story. We can…

“Steve Scott-Bottoms’ ability to explore and replay complex issues like climate adaptation is a real asset to organisations like Leeds City Council. He asks good, probing questions to develop his material, and he is an excellent teller of stories that are relevant and extremely helpful to a wide range of audiences.”

Jonathan Moxon

Executive Manager for Flood Risk & Climate Resilience, Leeds City Council

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